Dear Friends,

I wrote approximately 2 years ago to share our success story with the birth of our son Hayden after 14 IVF cycles (3 stimulated, 11 frozen).  I’m thrilled to say that our journey for another child has not been so arduous.


We decided to stop breast feeding at 6 months in order to get my cycle back and start trying again as soon as possible. We had heard so many stories about people who had fallen pregnant naturally after having conceived through IVF so we thought it was worth a try for a couple of months.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any luck and headed back to IVF with our tail between our legs. We also went back on the blood thinning injections and Chinese herbs that had previously helped us achieve a pregnancy. We had 4 frozen embryos left so we decided to transfer these in the hope that my body would know what to do now but unfortunately the two frozen cycles were unsuccessful. To make sure there wasn’t any problem with the embryos we were producing, and that Hayden wasn’t just a fluke, we proceeded with a stimulated cycle with embryo biopsy (I recall with horror the $4000+ invoice!).


Egg pick up day arrived and I was feeling pretty confident having collected 29, 20 and 17 eggs respectively in previous stimulated cycles.  I was shattered to wake and find that only 6 had been collected and was terrified that maybe my egg quality was on the decrease.  As we had so few to work with we decided to cancel the embryo biopsy component of the cycle as it wasn’t a big enough sample to draw accurate conclusions from.  As it turned out only two of the 6 were viable for transfer but goodness they were beauties at 10 cells each by day 3.  (I believe the culture that they grow them in now is so much better than it was when we were last ‘cycling’).  With trepidation, we had one embryo transferred.


The 10 day wait began and all that terrible excessive/obsessive checking for signs of your period.  Day 30 arrived and I hadn’t got my period however I tried not to get too excited as this had happened before only to get it almost as soon as I got the blood test results back. I was at work when my nurse called with the greatest news imaginable; we were going to be parents again!  My poor work colleagues didn’t know what to make of my tears!


Throughout the last couple of months of treatment my father’s health deteriorated rapidly  and on November 8 2003 he left us.  It was a comfort to know that he knew of the pregnancy though terribly sad that our unborn child would never meet him.


The pregnancy passed otherwise blissfully and on June 1 2004, at 38 weeks, we delivered another beautiful son Mitchell Gerald (Gerald after my father).  We are eternally grateful to Dr Bruce Downing and all at Monash IVF for our two miracle boys.


Wishing you all the very best of luck.


Brigid and Craig Boyce