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Welcome to the IVF Gynaecologist organisation web page!

All new IVF Friends Forum is now here!

IVF Friends is a non-profit volunteer group established to provide support and resources for those undertaking fertility treatment.


Hopefully this website will be of assistance to you!


You may be contemplating fertility treatment, be resigning yourself to the fact that you need to undertake fertility treatment, be going through the process of IVF right now or perhaps you know somebody in one of those circumstances and thus want to know more.


This web site aims to provide an initial base of information and a list of directions to find support and resources from which to begin your journey.


For many people, the journey of IVF is very stressful and isolating. Sharing your experiences with those on a similar physical and emotional rollercoaster can be of benefit and can help to reduce those feelings. You may wish to join a support group in your area, or share you experiences through personal letters, or meet with others at events you hear about through IVF Friends.


Naturally, many undertaking IVF treatments, wish to be as well-informed of the latest assisted reproductive technologies (ART) as possible. This website aims to provide access to the latest information via weblinks.


Please feel free to give suggestions, feedback or pass on any information you wish to share with others bycontacting us.



May the odds and the Gods be on your side!